21:00 Urban Jazz - AnGu Hu


請致電2717-6626 預約,座位僅限50位。給我們一個晚上,你將會得到一個全新的生活模式。

Wednesday, which is known as the little weekend, is in the middle of a week. You shall find a place where you can slow down and talk to yourself with your significant others.

Call 2717-6626 to make a reservation at SMEXY and seats are limited for only 50.


AnGu Hu


2015年至紐約短期進修,師事爵士鋼琴大師Barry Harris,被其讚賞為”真是一個不可思議的歌手!”

目前活躍於爵士音樂演出,從combo band到big band 編制, 從lead vocalist到Jazz vocal group都能見其的蹤跡。常受 邀於各類藝文活動以及商業演出,如臺 北爵士音樂節、台中爵士音樂節等。她的演出足跡也拓展至海外,曾於沖繩、澳門、上海的爵士吧及音樂節演出。

With a deep charming voice and a wide diapason, AnGu has always been showing her own sincere and delicate interpretation for music, especially by her abundant Jazz phrases.

By listening to her voice, you might experience a time travel back to the old days of swing music around the 30s & 40s.

In 2015, She had short-term advanced study in New York. Learning from Jazz Piano master Barry Harris, she earned her a rare comment ”what an amazing vocalist” from Barry.

She is recently active in Jazz performance. You can see her performing in combo band and big band as a lead vocalist or a part of Jazz vocal group.

She often gets invitations from cultural and artistic activities or commercial performance, such as Taipei Jazz festival, Taichung Jazz festival...etc. She has been invited to sing overseas such as Okinawa, Macao, Shanghai’s Jazz bar and music festivals.