Brenda Vaughn

靈魂歌姬Brenda在音樂圈獲獎無數。2007年她獲得“舊金山灣區黑人音樂獎項”中的“當代傳奇獎”。並得到奧克蘭州宣布12月12日為Brenda日。2012年,她又再度獲得奧克蘭市的第二次公開表揚。 身為知名歌手、創作人、聲音指導、著作人、經紀人,Brenda近年來開始於亞洲巡迴演出,並在SMEXY和House Band搭配固定演出(每週一二三五六)直到2018年的二月底。 Soul singer Brenda Vaughn continues to receive kudos for her work in the music industry. In 2007 Brenda Vaughn received the Living Legend Award, the Bay Area Black Music Awards, and  further earned December 12 being declared as Brenda Vaughn Day in Oakland, CA. In 2012 she received a second proclamation award by the city of Oakland.  In Asia, Brenda found her work in Japan as a back-up singer, solo artist and as the featured voice in many Japanese commercials as well being the voice of numerous video games. Among Asia countries, Brenda loves Taiwan the most. She is very famous in Japan, and now sings at SMEXY on every Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri, and Sat till the end of Feb 2018.



陳品伶,桃園人。台大生命科學系畢業。 現為歌手、音樂劇演員、表演藝術工作者。 表演概況|近年活躍於中文音樂劇舞台,重要作品包含廣藝劇場張雨生紀念音樂劇《天天想你》、C Musical 原創獨角音樂劇《焢肉•遇見你》、天作之合《寂寞瑪奇朵》、音樂時代暨廈門大劇院合製原創音樂劇《微•信》、開心麻花張雨生音樂劇《我期待》、C Musical《不讀書俱樂部》、沙發客阿卡貝拉音樂劇《早餐好了吧》;並曾演出多齣百老匯音樂劇《I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change》,《Smokey Joe's Cafe》,《Into The Woods》;同時常為 Demo 配唱、擔任商業演出歌手,擅長流行、爵士、合音、阿卡貝拉、百老匯音樂劇的演唱,現於 101 隨意鳥地方駐唱。其它重要歌唱經歷包含歌神請上車總決賽前三名、第七屆超級偶像前十強踢館魔王、多部大陸電視劇插曲主唱。


Mandy Gaines

    Mandy Gaines, a talented, versatile vocalist and entertainer, with more  than 25 years of professional experience, entertains and delights audiences  throughout the world. Her performances are generally viewed as refreshing,  soulful and exciting. From 1988 to the present, she continues to improve and  grow through her gifted interpretations of Jazz, Pop, R&B and Soul classics as  well as writing and performing her original works.     Mandy began singing at an early age in school and church. She holds a  B.A. from the College of Wooster in Speech/Arts. She has continued her studies  through private vocal instruction and various workshops emphasizing oral  interpretation, jazz improvisation, and vocal technique, theatre and  broadcasting/media studies.     Throughout her career, Mandy has performed with such Jazz greats as,  Wynton Marsalis, Dany Doriz, Randy Brecker, Scott Hamilton, ElDee Young, Red  Holt, Rhoda Scott, Deborah Brown, Brad Leali, Leroy Jones, Bryan Lynch, Keith  Loftis, Marcus Printup, Wendall Brunious, Vincent Gardner, Larry Price, Wes ಯ warm daddyರ Anderson, Michael Stanton and Victor Gaskins.     In 1988, Mandy was recruited by Coca-Cola Taiwan to become part of an  original recording and performing group, ಯMITರ. With the band she toured island  wide to promote their release, ಯWe Can Be Oneರ. She also went on to record with  several Asian pop stars as well as maintaining a spot as an on-air radio 


Crystal Lee

Vocal Crystal Lee 唱歌渾然天成,儘管從小征戰各類比賽,仍然不斷 學習,保持對音樂的企圖心與熱情。 曾獲 台北 TV 歌唱大賽冠軍 台 大吉他社民謠歌唱大賽冠軍 華視節目歡樂龍虎榜台大校園美女季冠 軍 擔任 台大吉他社校友 Dejavu 樂團女主唱;法蘭瓷城市舞台駐唱 及「法藍瓷之夜」演出、美麗華百樂園、信義區 Commune A7 駐唱 歌手 演出伯爵錶、蘭蔻化妝品、渣打銀行等 VIP 高級晚宴 參與2013 年台北市大稻埕花火節主要爵士樂團演出,近期於台北知名藝 文場合雅痞書店、露西亞咖啡演出美國音樂家蓋希文與 Dreams come true 主題音樂會;也與台北爵士大樂隊演出,桃園文化局花開 春鳴迪士尼音樂會與爵士春響活動,也於 5/19 桃園管樂嘉年華閉 幕與台北爵士大樂隊同台演出。 目前每星期ㄧ、六於台北地標 101大樓 85F 隨意鳥地方駐場演唱。 FB 粉專 JDD Crystal


Adrienne Riley

Born in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, Adrienne has been performing in Asia for many years. Her talent has been appreciated in Macau, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, also in many other countries, such as Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Africa, Korea and many more. Adrienne is specialized in singing R&B, Blues, Soul, and she can rap when music is right. Adrienne will be on SMEXY stage from March 1st, 2018.


Suzanne Jen

台大外文系畢,自由表演工作者。目前工作橫跨幕前幕後,從事廣告配音、歌曲配唱,中英法文活動主持、翻譯,以及舞台劇、音樂劇演出及爵士音樂演唱。 高中在北一女就自編自導並參與演出英語音樂劇得獎;大學以榜首成績進入台大外文,便開始參與舞台劇及音樂劇演出,除了每次皆擔綱主要角色之外,也常負責演員們的中英文正音、表演指導和歌唱詮釋指導。畢業後也在中英文音樂劇營隊擔任歌唱教學、表演指導和帶領戲劇遊戲。 在眾多的音樂風格中,獨鍾爵士樂,其中又鍾愛傳統電影主題曲及音樂劇的經典搖擺樂,饒有韻味的歌詞及簡單卻讓人止不住搖頭晃腦的旋律;擅長用豐富的表演經驗透過歌曲說故事;而對中英法德西等語言精通,讓書欣有機會多方嘗試不同歌路—從法國香頌到拉丁波麗路、Django’s swing到百老匯大樂團。 曾駐於台北知名爵士餐廳Brown Sugar演唱,也在台北市乃至台灣各處演出。與諸多爵士樂手合作,現為爵士樂團 Our Piano Trio 和Dark Eyes Gypsy Jazz Band歌手。 2017 台北市文化局 《文化就在巷子裡》舞樂跨界演出歌手 2017 台北 Brown Sugar 駐唱 2017 新竹美麗信飯店駐唱 2017 高雄 Marsalis Bar 演出 2016, 2017 台灣 Ivy League Alumni Party 長春藤盟校校友年會晚宴演出 2016 輔大藝文中心「藝遊味進老新莊—新莊漫步跨界展演」系列壓軸活動 白色情人節爵士音樂晚會 和小提琴家魏廣皓合作演出 2015, 2016 年史坦威鋼琴中心 VIP 晚宴演出 2014~2017 AMCreative 安徒生與莫札特的創意  製作 《屋頂動物園》系列女主角、歌手/飾 茉茉 2014~2016 台北動物園園慶國際晚宴演出 2014, 2015 台北爵士音樂節演出 2014 史坦威鋼琴中心 法藍瓷VIP 音樂會演出 台北愛樂X安徒生與莫札特的創意 史詩音樂劇 《重返熱蘭遮》 女主角 Pulima 音樂時代 《隔壁親家》《東區卡門》等音樂劇演出 台灣大學國際生歌唱比賽評審 創作樂團 《再生草》主唱 法文樂團《Les Enveloppes Rouges》主唱



Professional Vocalist 專業主唱。 TV personality 通告藝人:2分之一強、康熙來了、綜藝大熱門……等。 TV host節目主持人:無敵A噪咖。 Pub Singer 駐唱歌手。 來自美國 Arizona, 是樂團的主唱。 自小受過教會福音合唱團的洗禮,獨特的黑人唱腔是他的特色之一,各種曲風都難不倒他,還精通中英文歌曲,因此活躍於台灣綜藝節目,有著幽默的談吐,所以也是相當優秀的節目主持人。 2007 Money Shot Horns 樂團 EP 2008 周杰倫 MV 2007 & 2008 台中市消遙音樂季 2007-2010 墾丁春天吶喊 2010 金曲超級星PK & 超級偶像受邀嘉賓 2010 鑽石夜總會(利菁) 2011 高雄義大世界專屬樂團 2011 烏托邦UTOPIA音樂餐廳 2011 張惠妹-你和我的時光MV 2010-2012 義大世界 (Soul City 樂團) 2012-2014 英皇娛樂酒店 The Windsor (Modern City Band) 2014 至今,婚禮主持,台灣各大綜藝電視節目     Matthew Candler also known as “Dooley” has performed with musicians from all over the world. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona but currently residing in Taipei found his roots in the church singing gospel music and builds upon that foundation to bring energy and excitement to those who attend his performances. Performing in both English and Chinese, he has been entertaining with various styles of music, comedy, and acting.  Energetic, humorous, engaging, and edgy are all words used to describe his talent which has built up a large fan base. Having performed for both live audiences and TV alike he is a showman that really brings something new to the stage.



擁有一身焦糖色的皮膚配上一張辨識度極高的臉孔,是她給人的第一印象。 曾為女子偶像團體「Beauty 4」成員之一。 擅長靈魂樂、藍調節奏的曲風,是台灣難得一見的成熟性感都會女聲。   錄音作品: 2000 年:「Beauty 4」同名專輯 2004 年:「甜心Beauty 4」「就是我EP」 2005 年: 鮑比達音樂 – 糖水系列專輯 (曲名:雨季不停)  2006 年:「Smooth 9-5」–「It's EP」 2006 年:遠傳電信EP – 把全世界放手中 (曲名:不同)


Derrick Lin

高中開始接觸電貝斯,大學時期開始於Pub演出流行音樂並同時加入底細爵士大樂團學習低音提琴與爵士樂。當兵加入替代役反毒大使至各高中和公益機構巡迴演出。退伍後開始職業演出生涯,自有創作樂團丁丁與西西發行專輯,並與許多藝人巡迴演出、錄音室錄音等。合作藝人有盧廣仲、陳綺貞、丁噹、家家、嚴爵、張惠妹、王若琳、任賢齊、周華健、伍思凱、品冠、趙詠華、萬芳、金智娟、蘇慧倫、許茹芸、慢慢說樂團等。曾為Brown Sugar黑糖音樂餐廳音樂總監與貝斯手。 Fell in love with electric bass in high school, then start giging in clubs in college. Join Dizzy Jazz Big Band to learn double bass and jazz at the same time. Tour lots of high schools and senior houses with Anti-Drug Ambassador while in military . Start working as professional musician right after. Join original folk band “Ding-Ding and Shi-Shi” and had several E.P. and album. Continully doing tours and recording sessions for artists such as, Crowd Lu, Cheer Chen, Della, Jai-Jai, Yen-J, A-Mei, Joanna Wang, Richie Jen, Wakin Chau, Sky Wu, Victor Wong, Cyndi Chaw, Wan Fang, Wa Wa, Tracy Su, Valen Hsu, Murmurshow. And was music director and bassist for Brown Sugar Taipei for many years.


Austin Wen

橫跨創作及教學領域,參與多部動畫及影片配樂製作,近年來專注於現場演出及音樂劇創作,詞曲作品收錄於李唯楓、暉倪等人之專輯中。除音樂製作外,亦以樂手、歌手及演員身分現場演出,曾與庾澄慶、李榮浩、溫嵐、關詩敏、杜力、李婭莎、林逸欣、陳詩妤、安唯綾、陳冠宇及林綾等藝人共同合作演出,舞台經驗豐富。曾為Brown Sugar黑糖音樂餐廳團長與鍵盤手,現為Sony新力音樂專屬簽約作者、HZ Music禾芝音樂製作統籌。 Austin works in both composing and teaching fields. And has been involved in many animations and soundtrack production. In recent years, he has focused on live performances and musical productions. His songs and lyrics have been included in the albums of Coke Lee and Nini. In addition to the production of music, he also performed live as a musician, singer and actor. He has worked with artists such as Harlem Yu, Li Ronghao, Landy Wen, Sharon Kwan, Dooley, Sasha Li, Shara Li, Ariel Ann, Eric Chen, Iris Lin. Worked as band leader and keyboardist in Brown Sugar. Now is Sony record’s exclusive contracted author and head producer of HZ Music.


Cody Byassee

畢業於美國北德州大學打擊演奏碩士以及奧克拉荷馬州立大學音樂教育學士,為全方位打擊/爵士鼓演奏家。音樂演奏類型涵蓋了搖滾、流行、爵士、世界、現代以及古典音樂。Cody現居於台北,除了是各大藝文表演廳的常客外,也活躍於爵士酒吧、爵士音樂節。他跨足流行圈,與蔡依林、蔡建雅、陳綺貞、王若琳、魏如萱、萬芳、宇宙人、FIR飛兒樂團、岑寧兒等歌手/樂團合作。他亦是金音創作獎得主歌手蘇珮卿的固定鼓手,也和金曲奬得主世界軌跡樂團、絲竹空樂團等著名爵士樂團多次合作。 American drummer/percussionist Cody Byassee has established himself as a unique and versatile contributor to the music scene in his adopted home of Taipei. His extensive live performance and recorded work is not limited to any one genre. One day he might play pop/rock songs for a stadium crowd and the next he could be improvising in a small jazz club. Whether crafting rhythms on a standard drum set or a custom-designed hand percussion setup, Cody brings a sense of enthusiasm and professionalism to any musical situation he finds himself in. His most frequent musical collaborations are with singer-songwriter Paige Su , and he is featured on her recently-released album “We Are All Lonely Souls”. Some of the other artists he has performed and/or recorded for include Jolin Tsai, Tanya Chua, Cheer, Joanna Wang, Waa Wei, Wan Fang, Cosmos People, and Yoyo Sham. In addition to work in the Mandarin Pop genre, Cody also performs regularly with jazz and creative music artists such as the award-winning Sizhukong, Interestring Quartet, Indian-fusion group Coromandel Express, and at top jazz clubs and festivals around Taiwan, such as Brown Sugar, the Taichung Jazz Festival, and the Taipei Summer Jazz Festival. Cody holds a Master's degree in Percussion Performance from the world-renowned University of North Texas College of Music and a Bachelor's in Music Education (specializing in percussion) from Oklahoma State University. 


Clony Tuan

具23年之演奏經驗,擅長各類木管樂器(高、中、次中音、上低音薩克斯風與長笛),以及爵士、拉丁、放克、流行等多種音樂形態。曾於台北及上海 Brown Sugar 擔任主奏薩克斯風手,更於晶華、喜來登、遠企、凱悅等五星級飯店固定演出。跟 Clony 合作的藝人有蕭敬騰、蕭煌奇、任賢齊、黃小琥、陳昇、趙詠華、萬芳、蘇永康、五佰、Olivia、江蕙、陳冠宇、周杰倫、黃韻玲、痞客四。迷人的薩克斯風聲音是靈魂樂及爵士樂不可或缺的必要元素,使 SMEXY 樂團更加迷人。 With more than 23 years of performance experience. Clony master many kinds of woodwind instruments (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophone and flute). As well as music styles like Jazz, Latin, Funk and Pop. Performance regularly at Brown Sugar, Regent Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Far Eastern Plaza Hotel and Grand Hyatt Hotel. Work for artists such as James Hsiao, Ricky Hsiao, Richie Jen, Tiger Huang, Bobby Chen, Cyndi Chaw, Wan Fang, William So, Wubai, Olivia, Jody Chiang, Eric Chen, Jay Chou, Kay Huang, Picks.


Jacob Liang

畢業於美國波士頓百克里音樂學院(Berklee College Of Music),鑽研吉他演奏各種風格的精髓,從爵士靈魂到放客搖滾都能掌握自如。多年古典鋼琴的訓練更讓他的音樂擁有豐富的底蘊,有著和別人不同的獨特聲音。除了在SMEXY固定演出之外,Jacob也活躍於海內外的巡演,參與不同的Live Projects以及唱片的製作。 Graduated from Berklee College Of Music in U.S.A.. Jacob knows all kinds of music styles from Jazz, Soul to Funk and Rock. Years of classical piano training add more depth to his guitar playing and his sound is like no one else. Besides reguliar show in Smexy, Jacob also tour around the world and participate in different Live Projects and record production.


Steven Chang

美國伯克利⾳樂學院 Berklee College of Music , 師承 Henrigue De Alm, Tony Thunder Smith, Bob Tamagni,David Mattacks, Joe Galeota, Bob Kaufman, Greg Hopkins,Jeff Stout,Brad Hatfield.....等 台灣流⾏⾳樂界⾳樂⼈、爵⼠⾳樂演奏家、爵⼠⾳樂曲創作者、錄⾳室⿎⼿、爵⼠⿎教育推廣者、爵⼠⾳樂推廣者。擔任過無數的爵⼠⿎教育⼤師班講座,國台語流⾏歌曲唱⽚專輯錄⾳、⾳樂節⽇活動、作曲家、電影配樂家、台北市⾳樂⼯會代表、國際品牌 Pearl (珍珠)⿎組代⾔⼈ 響地⾳樂有限公司 創辦⼈ Steven Chang, is not only an outstanding performer of popular music in Taiwan, he is also a professional jazz musician, composer, sound engineer, and jazz music promoter. In addition, he is an educator focused on drum education and technique. He established a hierarchical verification system in order to identify the various stages of learning to play the drum. In particular, he loves the "Pearl" drum set. Every time he tours or lectures, he specifically requests the "Pearl."  



爵士低音提琴及電貝士演奏者,歌手,畢業於美國北德州大學爵士音樂系,於 2012年返台後,參與許多不同的爵士演出計畫,於台灣知名爵士演出場所如藍調、Sappho Live、Marsalis Bar等地演出。和爵士歌手好友們組成的”放聲人聲樂團”為台灣阿卡貝拉界少數以爵士樂為主的人聲演出團體,曾參與2014年澳門人聲音樂節及2016年台北藝穗節的演出。爵士樂以外,也經常參與戲劇配樂製作、流行歌曲編曲、製作、演出等工作。爵士教育方面,現為輔仁大學音樂系爵士樂講師、輔仁大學爵士音樂營及香港國際學校爵士營師資。   ChihYang Hsieh is an electric and double bassist, singer, composer, arranger, educator active in different musical genres.  As a bassist, he frequently performs in jazz clubs in Taiwan.  In areas other than jazz, he also plays concerts of popular music for singers such as Nylon Chen, Wawa Jin and Joanna Wang, etc.  As a composer and arranger, he has composed and arranged music in different genres and medias for Municipal Taipei Chinese Orchestra, Groove Jazz Orchestra, FJU jazz combo, DaAi Television, Funkchon Jazz Vocal Group, Taipei Jazz Collective, etc.  As a singer, his jazz vocal group, Funkchon, has performed frequently in Taiwan. ChihYang received his master degree in jazz composition/arranging from University of North Texas and has been an adjunct faculty for jazz music in the music department of Fu-Jen University since 2012.


Vincent Hsu

低音提琴演奏暨作曲家Vincent Hsu 徐崇育出生於台灣彰化、成長於高雄,旅居紐約八年。以個人爵士創作專輯《Homeland》榮獲2014年金音創作獎「年度最佳爵士專輯」,2015年金曲獎三項提名,包括「演奏類最佳專輯」、「演奏類最佳專輯製作人」、「演奏類最佳作曲人」。並獲由新加坡、馬來西亞、台灣三地音樂傳媒評選之2015年第8屆 Freshmusic Awards「年度最佳演奏專輯獎」。演奏風格擅長爵士及非洲古巴音樂,為少數曾同時於紐約和北京Blue Note演出之台灣爵士樂手。   於紐約大學取得爵士演奏碩士,並擁有紐約市立大學爵士演奏學士和英語教學碩士雙學位,主修低音提琴,師事前紐約愛樂低音大提琴首席 John A. Schaeffer、葛萊美最佳拉丁爵士演奏專輯得主 Brian Lynch,以及Cecil McBee, John Patitucci, Victor Venegaz, Andy Gonzalez, Marc Johnson, Billy Drummond 等名師。除現場演出外,深感於爵士樂文化和原創作品之重要,致力於爵士樂與古巴音樂文化之推廣、教育和國際連結。現為國立台灣藝術大學即興演奏講師,並於各大學教授即興演奏、表演藝術、爵士樂欣賞。擔任「Clave de Cuba—絕對古巴」藝術節之音樂總監、「Jazz in Sync 爵士同步」系列策展人、兩廳院夏日爵士派對策展顧問,並受邀為兩廳院和欣講堂擔任爵士樂講座講者。   現為Soy La Ley古巴爵士樂團和徐崇育 “Journey Through Jazz” 爵士樂團兩團團長。身為團長,帶領樂團連續六年受邀參與台中爵士音樂節,並三度於兩廳院夏日爵士音樂節演出; 身為貝斯手,亦活躍於各大爵士音樂節與現場演出,包括台北爵士音樂節、澳門爵士音樂節等。不定期於紐約各地演奏傳統古巴音樂和拉丁爵士,並參與外百老匯音樂劇之演出,演奏地點包括: Deer Head Inn, Jazz Gallery, ShapeShifter Lab, Puppet’s Jazz Bar, St. Nick’s Pub, Big Apple Jazz, Arturo’s, Jules Bistro, Garage, Bowery Poetry Club 等。近年來以自己的原創作曲進行爵士樂交流計劃,與國際音樂家們合作,曾同台演出者包括:Harold Danko、Billy Drummond、Helen Sung、Wayne Escoffery、Tomoko Ohno、Alex Terrier、Frederic Borey、Andy Jaffe、Chris Wabich等。   2016年10月發行最新專輯《Lullaby for the Youth 給年輕的搖籃曲》,並進行2016年亞洲巡演、2017年美東巡演,並於今年7月受邀韓國釜山爵士音樂節演出。專輯中特別邀請兩位爵士樂生涯皆橫跨近40年的音樂家—鋼琴家Harold Danko及鼓手Billy Drummond於紐約錄音、混音、後製。並由爵士樂廠牌ECM御用錄音師、數座葛萊美獎得主的資深錄音師James Farber,親自至紐約歷史最悠久的錄音室 Sear Sound Studio 全程錄製。「年輕」無關年齡,更象徵著心境與初衷;徐崇育透過年輕世代的勇敢與想望,期待將搖籃曲的能量獻給每個擁抱夢想的人。2017年以此專輯入圍三項金音創作獎提名—「最佳樂手」、「最佳爵士專輯」、「最佳爵士單曲」。個人音樂網站:



美國明尼蘇達州學習鋼琴以及古典管風琴 作品《Soggy Autumn Sunset》登上全美指標爵士樂雜誌Jazziz十大音樂學院佳作。 多次於大專院校如臺灣藝術大學音樂系所、亞洲大學、中興大學、逢甲大學等校舉辦爵士樂講座, 另外積極參與各地爵士酒吧的邀請演出,獲得多方好評。多年來持續受邀參加臺中市爵士音樂節演出, 擔任「台北藍調酒吧」樂手同樂會主持。除了與國內外知名爵士音樂家合作演出之外, 亦經常受邀擔任國內重大爵士音樂比賽評審,致力於爵士音樂的推廣教學以及表演,期望能為臺灣爵士樂發展貢獻一番個人力量。


Grace Weng

美國Rutgers University爵士樂歷史與研究碩士。曾參與台中爵士音樂節、台灣音樂節凱德森嘉年華會演出、擔任百老匯音樂劇「海上情緣」鋼琴伴奏、不定期於Sappho、Marsalis、Alchemy、雅痞書店、君悅飯店等現場演奏空間演出,於台北Blue Note爵士酒吧定期演出。 Grace holds a M.A. degree in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers University. As a jazz pianist, she has performed at the Taichung Jazz Festival and numerous jazz venues in Taiwan, including Sappho, Marsalis, Alchemy, Yuppy Bookstore, and the Grand Hyatt Taipei. She plays regularly with her combo at the Blue Note in Taipei.