Austin Wen

橫跨創作及教學領域,參與多部動畫及影片配樂製作,近年來專注於現場演出及音樂劇創作,詞曲作品收錄於李唯楓、暉倪等人之專輯中。除音樂製作外,亦以樂手、歌手及演員身分現場演出,曾與庾澄慶、李榮浩、溫嵐、關詩敏、杜力、李婭莎、林逸欣、陳詩妤、安唯綾、陳冠宇及林綾等藝人共同合作演出,舞台經驗豐富。曾為Brown Sugar黑糖音樂餐廳團長與鍵盤手,現為Sony新力音樂專屬簽約作者、HZ Music禾芝音樂製作統籌。

Austin works in both composing and teaching fields. And has been involved in many animations and soundtrack production. In recent years, he has focused on live performances and musical productions. His songs and lyrics have been included in the albums of Coke Lee and Nini. In addition to the production of music, he also performed live as a musician, singer and actor. He has worked with artists such as Harlem Yu, Li Ronghao, Landy Wen, Sharon Kwan, Dooley, Sasha Li, Shara Li, Ariel Ann, Eric Chen, Iris Lin. Worked as band leader and keyboardist in Brown Sugar. Now is Sony record’s exclusive contracted author and head producer of HZ Music.