Jacob Liang

畢業於美國波士頓百克里音樂學院(Berklee College Of Music),鑽研吉他演奏各種風格的精髓,從爵士靈魂到放客搖滾都能掌握自如。多年古典鋼琴的訓練更讓他的音樂擁有豐富的底蘊,有著和別人不同的獨特聲音。除了在SMEXY固定演出之外,Jacob也活躍於海內外的巡演,參與不同的Live Projects以及唱片的製作。

Graduated from Berklee College Of Music in U.S.A.. Jacob knows all kinds of music styles from Jazz, Soul to Funk and Rock. Years of classical piano training add more depth to his guitar playing and his sound is like no one else. Besides reguliar show in Smexy, Jacob also tour around the world and participate in different Live Projects and record production.