Steven Chang


Berklee College of Music ,

師承 Henrigue De Alm, Tony Thunder Smith, Bob

Tamagni,David Mattacks, Joe Galeota, Bob Kaufman, Greg Hopkins,Jeff Stout,Brad Hatfield.....等

台灣流⾏⾳樂界⾳樂⼈、爵⼠⾳樂演奏家、爵⼠⾳樂曲創作者、錄⾳室⿎⼿、爵⼠⿎教育推廣者、爵⼠⾳樂推廣者。擔任過無數的爵⼠⿎教育⼤師班講座,國台語流⾏歌曲唱⽚專輯錄⾳、⾳樂節⽇活動、作曲家、電影配樂家、台北市⾳樂⼯會代表、國際品牌 Pearl (珍珠)⿎組代⾔⼈

響地⾳樂有限公司 創辦⼈

Steven Chang, is not only an outstanding performer of popular music in Taiwan, he is also a professional jazz musician, composer, sound engineer, and jazz music promoter. In addition, he is an educator focused on drum education and technique. He established a hierarchical verification system in order to identify the various stages of learning to play the drum. In particular, he loves the "Pearl" drum set. Every time he tours or lectures, he specifically requests the "Pearl."