Grace Weng

美國Rutgers University爵士樂歷史與研究碩士。曾參與台中爵士音樂節、台灣音樂節凱德森嘉年華會演出、擔任百老匯音樂劇「海上情緣」鋼琴伴奏、不定期於Sappho、Marsalis、Alchemy、雅痞書店、君悅飯店等現場演奏空間演出,於台北Blue Note爵士酒吧定期演出。

Grace holds a M.A. degree in Jazz History and Research from Rutgers University. As a jazz pianist, she has performed at the Taichung Jazz Festival and numerous jazz venues in Taiwan, including Sappho, Marsalis, Alchemy, Yuppy Bookstore, and the Grand Hyatt Taipei. She plays regularly with her combo at the Blue Note in Taipei.