Aug 16,2018


親愛的朋友們,從即日起您可以經由臉書專頁上的 搶先預約 來進行預約。我們有配套流程能夠迅速回覆您,謝謝。 Dear all, from today, you can press the reservation button on our FB page to proceed the reservation. We have coherent process to support to ensure effectiveness of your request. Thank you.

Jan 01,1970


到哪兒喝啤酒吃酥炸拼盤看世界盃足球最過癮?當然是到擁有320寸超大LED螢幕的SMEXY音樂餐廳。 6/14星期四到7/15星期日,我們將適當延長營業時間,陪伴喜愛世界盃足球⚽️的您,共度精彩球賽時光。 Where to go for seeing World Cup 2018 ? It has to be SMEXY for having giant 320-inch LED screen. From 6/14 Thursday to 7/15 Sunday, we will extend our service hours to accompany you throughout the entire World Cup 2018. #World #Cup #Russia #2018

May 16,2018


今天10:30起,我們開始供應新的早午餐菜單。 我們接受大家的建議,以單點方式先供應主餐後,讓您視時間許可,再自由加點套餐。午餐還新增了牛排、綜合炸物拼盤、英式炸魚薯條、歐式冷肉盤、綜合起司盤,且可以隨餐附加方式,加點您喜歡的薯條、雞米花、洋蔥圈、酥炸魷魚圈。 歡迎大家到SMEXY來享用我們推出的早午餐! From 10:30 today, we start to service you our new brunch menu. Accepting your suggestions, we offer you our entree first and give you the freedom to choose extra set when time allowed. We enrich our brunch offerings with Sirloin Steak, Fish & Chips, Deep Fried Combinations, Cheese Platter, Salumi Taste with your choice of various side orders. We welcome you to come to SMEXY to try our brunch ! #Brunch #Breakfast #Lunch

May 01,2018


親愛的朋友們大家好,我們5月的11-13日推出為期3天的母親節套餐組合,有雙人及3人套餐,歡迎您帶著媽媽來晚餐,並陪著她欣賞歌手杜力迷人的現場演唱,一起過個時髦又迷人(SMEXY)的母情節。 我們即日起接受您的來電預約,前30名預約母親節套餐,將獲贈我們精心為您母親準備的小禮物,並於當晚由您為媽媽配戴上。 Dear all, we launch our special set menu of Mother’s Day for 2 and 3. Please bring your Mom to SMEXY for dinner on any night of Friday 5/11 to Sunday 5/13. With Dooley’s live singing with our house band, we wish you a smexy Mother’s Day. Please call to reserve your table soonest while also get a souvenir (only available for first 30 reservations) for your mother.

Apr 30,2018

杜力將於5月1日起,每週 12456 在 SMEXY 為您演唱

親愛的朋友們,杜力將於5月1日起,每週 12456 在 SMEXY 為您演唱! Dear all, Dooley Candler will be performing at SMEXY every Monday,  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays starting from the 1st of May! Make a reservation for the best wining and dining experience now 

Apr 09,2018

Mojito 買一送一 酬賓優惠活動

親愛的朋友們,Mojito 買一送一 酬賓優惠活動 將於星期二 4/10 正式開始。 活動緣由:慶祝開張屆滿4個月 活動期間:星期二4/10至星期日4/22 優惠時段:晚餐時段及現場音樂時段 活動規則:買一送一、店內享用 Dear all, buy 1 get 1 free activity for Mojito will be launched next Tuesday 4/10. Rationale: we are 4 months old. Duration: Tuesday 4/10 - Sunday 4/22. Time segments: 17:30 - 00:00 Rules: buy 1 get 1 free. Drink in store.

Apr 09,2018


親愛的朋友們,我們虛心接受大家的建議,將於4月13日星期五起,將每天現場樂團演唱時間提前至20:00開始。 歡迎大家邀約您的至親好友及同事同學們一起來晚餐,享受美食、美酒、音樂、共渡生命中美好的時光。 訂位專線2717-6626,謝謝您對我們及現場音樂的支持。 Dear all, we humbly accept your suggestion to change the live band singing show to start from 20:00 every night from Friday 4/13. We welcome you to invite your friends, family, colleague, and schoolmates to come to dinner to enjoy your wonderful time together. Please kindly call 2717-6626 for reservation. Thank you for your support to live music and SMEXY.

Apr 05,2018



Feb 01,2018


情人節要找有燭光、有音樂、有美酒及佳餚的餐廳,那就到SMEXY享用情人節套餐。我們祝願有情人終成眷屬,SMEXY以優美的現場音樂,陪您過情人節,快來電預定。                                                                    Valentine’s Day Menu 情人節套餐 Selected Sparkling Wine  香檳氣泡酒 ****** Cream Cheese Crab Puff & Smoked Salmon with Katsuobushi Crepe  蟹肉奶油起司釀泡芙 拼 煙燻鮭魚柴魚可麗餅捲 ****** Creamy Shrimp Bisque 法式鮮蝦奶油湯 ****** Caesar salad 凱薩沙拉 ****** Choice of Main Course 主菜三選一 Grilled Tenderloin of Beef Served with Red Wine Sauce 碳烤菲力牛排佐紅酒醬 or 或 Grilled U.S Sakura Pork Shoulder Steak Served with Cream Mushroom & Apple Sauce 碳烤美國紅櫻豬肩排佐蘑菇蘋果醬 or 或 Baked Fillet of Salmon Served with Coconut Red Curry Sauce 香煎鮮鮭魚佐椰汁紅咖哩醬 ****** Warm Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream  with Hazelnut Sauce 溫製布朗尼佐香草冰淇淋榛果醬 Per Person 每位:$ 1500 價格需另加一成服務費  Price subject to 10% service charge.

Jan 22,2018



Dec 31,2017

聖誕節及跨年就是要來 SMEXY 邊享用美味餐點、邊聽現場優質音樂

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 ! Let’s get #SMEXY  聖誕節及跨年就是要來 SMEXY 邊享用美味餐點、邊聽現場優質音樂 圖片為兩人份餐點份量✨ White Christmas Mojito 聖誕特調 ********** Smoked Salmon With Cream Cheese & Avocado, Prosciutto With Melon 風乾火腿 ********** Cream Of Pumpkin Soup With Grilled Chicken ********** Caesar salad 凱薩沙拉 ********** Choice Grilled 5Oz Tenderloin Of Beef With Red Wine Sauce 炭烤菲力牛排佐紅酒醬 Or 或 Roasted Lemon Spring Chicken With Garlic Sauce 爐烤蒜香檸檬春雞 Or 或 Pan Fried Salmon With Lemon Butter Sauce ********** Brownie With Ice Cream And Red Wine Apple 布朗尼佐冰淇淋及紅酒蘋果 Person 每位:$ 1380 12/24及12/31 晚餐18:00 - 20:30 限定兩天 此餐期中只提供聖誕新年套餐 Only 12/24 &12/31 from18:00 - 20:30 SMEXY Lifestyle Artists 02-2717 6626 台北市民生東路3段131號B1 文湖線 - 中山國中站 Instagram : smexy_lifestyle

Dec 25,2017


Mulled red wine 熱紅酒, with fresh pineapple, orange, lime, lemon, apple being cooked together with red wine, is available tonight at SMEXY for your “winter arrival” on lunar calendar. Come and try our mulled red wine tonight while also enjoy our live Funk and R&B music. 我們晚上有供應熱紅酒喔!它是我們用新鮮的萊姆及一起烹煮而成,冷冷的冬天及冬至喝一杯我們精心準備的熱紅酒,再加上我們的節奏藍調及放克音樂,快來SMEXY共度美好時光。